Types of Divination

Types of Divination
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Aeromancy: by air

Alectryomancy: by hens and cockerels

Aleuromancy: by eating bread and cheese.

Alphitomancy:  by  barley  meal.

Anthropomancy:  by  the  entrails of  a  human  being.

Arithmancy:  by  numbers.

Astrology:  by the  stars.

Belomancy:  by  marked  arrows.

Bibliomancy:  by  the  Bible  (open- ing the  book  at  random).

Botanomancy:  by  plants  and  leaves.

Capnomancy:  by  the  movement and  density  of  smoke.

Catoptromancy: by mirror.

Cartomancy:  by  cards.

Ceromancy: by melted wax dropped in water.

Cephalonomancy: By bringing a donkey to coals.

Chiromancy:  by  the  hands.

Cleromancy:  by  lots (ie. dice, bones).

Cledonismancy: by first words uttered  after salutation.

Coscinomancy: By sieve.

Dactylomancy:  by  finger-rings.

Demonomancy:  by  evil  spirits.

Gastromancy:  by  sounds  or  signs appearing  to  be  uttered  from  the belly.

Geomancy:  by  earth.

Gyromancy:  by a nicked coin and  circle of letters.

Horuspication: by the entrails of animals, usually birds.

Hydromancy,  by  water.

Ichthyomancy,  by  fishes.

Idolomancy:  by  consulting  idols.

Libanomancy:  by  pouring  out liquids.

Lithomancy:  by  stones, particularly siderite.

Myomancy: by rats

Molybdomancy: by molten lead.

Necromancy:  by  communication with  the  dead.

Onciromancy:  by  dreams.

Onomancy:  by  names.

Oomancy: by eggs.

Omithomancy:  by  birds.

Orphiomancy:  by  serpents.

Onychomancy: by fingernails of an unpolluted boy.

Palmistry:  by  the  lines  of  the palm  of  the  hand.

Pedomancy:  by  the  feet.

Pharmacy: by medicated drugs.

Psychomancy:  by  souls,  minds, and  wills.

Pyromancy:  by  fire.

Rhabdomancy: by  a  staff.

Scapulamancy: - by the cracks on a sheep's shoulder blade.

Sciomancy:  by  shadows.

Scyphomancy: by dropping oil in a cup of water.

Sideromancy: by hot iron and straws.

Stareomancy:  by  the  elements.

Tasseomancy: by tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.

Theomancy: by  Scripture.

Theriomancy:  by  the  lower  animals.

Tephomancy: by ashes and wind.


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