The Who and the What

The Who and the What
The Spell by William Fettes Douglas (1864)

What's all this then?

Articles, primary sources, art and stories related to folklore, mythology, philosophy, history, science, and magic.

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The Alchemist by Cornelis Bega (1663)

Who is L.E. Ataire?

L.E. Ataire is a speculative fiction writer working towards their dream of gaining super-powers, through the process known as wishful thinking.

Born in Rhode Island, Ataire was bewitched and lured to West Wales, where they are currently being held hostage by a troupe of fairies. Fortunately, no one has come forward to pay the ransom, despite it being lowered, several times.

Ataire is a member of the Royal Historical Society, Folklore Society and Royal Institute of Philosophy, with degrees in Psychology and History, which influences their writing... probably.

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