Alectoria (Capon Stone)

Alectoria (Capon Stone)
Photo by Remy Baudouin / Unsplash

Alectoria – Alectoria is a stone of darkish crystalline colour found in the intestines/gizzards of capons (castrated cockerels) that had lived seven years.

Alectoria is said to be able to grant invisibility to its carrier, makes women aggregable and men eloquent, constant, and friendly.

If held in one's mouth, it alleviates thirst. If worn as an amulet, it gives the wearer courage.

If one has lost their kingdom, the alectoria stone can help one regain it and  foreign one. It bestows honours and preserves those already won.

Lastly, if one finds themselves bewitched, this tone has the power to free them from the enchantment.