The Iliad as a Twitter Argument: Book I

Tweet, O Goddess, about the rage of Achilles son of Peleus that caused so much drama to the Achaeans. Many a brave souls got cancelled and many a hero fell prey to trolls. All because King Agamemnon and influencer Achilles had beef.

The Iliad as a Twitter Argument: Book I
[Tweet] @KingAgamemnon: Victory is ours! We've taken Chryseis and Briseis as our prizes. #SpoilsOfWar
[Reply Chain] @AchillesFury: Celebrating the victory with my prize, Briseis. #WarriorRewards @KingAgamemnon: @AchillesFury Well earned, Achilles. Enjoy. #KinglyApproval
[Tweet] @KingAgamemnon: "Respect to Chryses - we've listened to your plea and are returning your daughter. All hail Apollo!🙏🏻 #AchaeanJustice"
[Reply Chain]  @AchillesFury: "So you'd rob me of Briseis to cover your own mistake? Just who do you think you are, @KingAgamemnon? #NotMyKing"  @KingAgamemnon: "I'm the leader, @AchillesFury. You'd do well to remember that. #KingofKings"  @AchillesFury: "I fight for the Achaeans, not for you. Don't touch my stuff or you'll regret it. #TryMe"
[Tweet] @KingAgamemnon: "My messengers are enroute to @AchillesFury's tent. We must all make sacrifices for the greater good. #Leadership"
[Reply Chain]  @AchillesFury: "Welcome, messengers. Know this - your king has lost his best warrior today. #NoMoreFavors"  @Patroclus1: "Just handed over Briseis. Never seen @AchillesFury this mad. #TroubleInParadise"
[Tweet] @AchillesFury: "Alone by the sea, robbed of my honor by @KingAgamemnon. You'll pay for this. #FuryUnleashed"
[Reply Chain]  @SeaGoddessThetis: "My poor son, @AchillesFury! What's wrong? #MotherlyLove"  @AchillesFury: "I've been dishonored, mom. Robbed of my prize. I need your help. #DivineIntervention"
[Tweet] @AchillesFury: "The King's greed has brought this upon us. We had agreed to return Chryseis, but he took Briseis from me instead! #AchillesWrath"
[Reply Chain]  @SeaGoddessThetis: "My son, I will help. I'll visit Zeus once he returns from Ethiopia. For now, nurse your anger and stay away from the fight. #DivinePlan"
[Tweet] @WiseUlysses: "Just reached Chryse with the hecatomb. Hoping for Apollo's favor. #PeaceMission""

Face-palming Athena
Face-palming Athena

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