A Timeline of Andorra

A broad timeline of Andorra from Prehistory to current day.

A Timeline of Andorra

Prehistoric Era (3500 BC - 2nd century BC):

Settlement along the Valira River marked Andorra's initial habitation around 3500 BC. The transition from a nomadic lifestyle to a constructive economy began to shape early Andorran culture, with the Bronze Age bringing technological advancement and cultural development.

Ancient Era (2nd century BC - 7th century AD):

The arrival of the Romans in the 2nd century BC introduced new systems, language, and agricultural methods, leaving a lasting impact on Andorra's cultural and linguistic landscape. The era concluded with the invasion of the Visigoths.

Middle Ages (700 AD - 1152 AD):

Despite the incursions of the Muslims into the Pyrenees, their impact on Andorra was minimal. The legendary tale of Andorrans assisting Emperor Charlemagne against the Muslims, and the consequent granting of sovereignty to Andorra, marked a key moment in the country's history.

Diarchy Establishment (1278-present):

The signing of the Pareage Act in 1278 ushered in Andorra's unique diarchical rule, shared between the Count of Foix and the Bishop of Urgell. This enduring and singular form of governance continues to be a source of pride for the Andorran people.

Age of Isolation (1278-19th century):

Andorra's geographic isolation cultivated a strong community spirit and self-reliance among its people. It was during this time that they fostered a deep respect for their natural surroundings, shaping the country's identity and way of life.

Napoleonic Epoch (19th century):

Napoleon Bonaparte, at the behest of the Andorran people, reinstated the French co-principality in 1806. This milestone event further reinforced Andorra's unique diarchy and marked a new era in its political landscape​.

Modern Andorra (20th-21st century):

As the 20th century dawned, Andorra transformed from a secluded mountain nation to a thriving hub for tourism and commerce. The adoption of a modern constitution in 1993 demonstrated the Andorran people's adaptability and commitment to progress, while maintaining their valued traditions.

Present Day (21st century):

Today, Andorra stands as a testament to the resilience and uniqueness of its people. The co-principality is currently led by the President of France and the Bishop of Urgell.