When the Moon Became a Cow

Part of the Omni-Myth Series: Love affair of Io (Moon) and Jupiter (Sky Father).

When the Moon Became a Cow
Photo by Carolyn Whitson

Once upon a time, the Moon and the Sky were in the midst of a love affair, when Lord Sky's wife came upon them. To avoid being caught, Lady Moon transformed herself into a white cow.

The Lord's wife, not easily fooled, requested the cow as a gift, and her husband, not wanting to seem suspicious, agreed. The Moon was taken to live amongst the wife's herd, where she was guarded by the Sun.

Escape seemed impossible, until the Lord of Knowledge, sent by his father the Lord of the Sky, arrived disguised as a shepherd. The Lord of Knowledge spoke charms to put the Sun to sleep, so the Moon could escape.

But Lady Moon was not yet free, for the wife sent a gadfly to torment her. Still in the form of a white cow, she fled from the field, travelling all over the world in her quest to rid herself of the fly. Tiring, she reached a great river and took comfort in its waters.

The moon transformed back and gave birth to a son. She named the boy Touch, for he was conceived when the moon touched the sky. Touch would become known as a sacred bull, a great king, and father to several races of man.