Hanan Pacha: Sunbathing with the Gods (Don't Forget Your Celestial Sunscreen)

Hanan Pacha: Sunbathing with the Gods (Don't Forget Your Celestial Sunscreen)

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Fellow sun-worshippers, are you ready for a solar-powered vacation? Pack your bags, and let's journey to Hanan Pacha, the Incan upper world where the Sun and Moon reside in all their divine splendour!

To reach Hanan Pacha, one must traverse the breath-taking landscape of the Andes, where each step brings you closer to the celestial abode of Inti, the Sun God, and Mama Killa, the Moon Goddess (Urton 34). Just be prepared for some strenuous hiking, and remember, the view is worth the climb!

Upon arrival at Hanan Pacha, you'll be greeted by the warm embrace of Inti's golden rays and the gentle glow of Mama Killa's lunar light. Bask in their divine presence, and let their celestial energy invigorate your body and soul.

While Hanan Pacha is undoubtedly the ultimate sunbathing destination, there's more to this heavenly realm than just catching some divine rays. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural history of the Incan Empire, as you explore sacred temples and marvel at the intricate, celestial-inspired artwork that adorns their walls (Urton 48).

As your time in Hanan Pacha draws to a close, be sure to thank Inti and Mama Killa for their warm hospitality. And remember, a trip to Hanan Pacha isn't just about getting a heavenly tan; it's also an opportunity to connect with the divine energy of the cosmos and appreciate the natural beauty of our world.