You're dead. Now what?

Travel Brochures for Afterlife Destinations.

You're dead. Now what?
Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl, The Souls of Acheron (1898)

Whelp! It seems your visa for the Material Realm has expired, before you rush to renew it, why not check out one of the many exciting afterlife locations on offer? Our growing collection of travel brochures will ensure that you know where to go once you arrive, how to make the best of your stay, and most importantly, how to leave.

A directory of afterlife locations can be found below. If a brochure is available, the destination will have a link. Don't see a link? Don't worry, this directory is a work in progress. Consider signing up to the newsletter to be alerted when it's added.

Giulio Romano, Fall of the Giants. (1522)

Upper Realms

These realms are located above the material world and tend to be off limits to most souls. The entry requirements are often quite strict! Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't qualify for entry. You can always try again next-time.*

Heaven - Christian Paradise. Must meet entry requirements at the gates.

Jannah - Muslim Paradise. Must meet entry requirements.

Pure Land - Buddhist. Accessible via the Golden Bridge. Access must be approved. Have all your paperwork ready!

Tian - Chinese. Accessible via the Silver Bridge. Access must be approved. Have all your paperwork ready!

Olympus - Greek. Invite only after a few trouble makers ruined it for everyone.

Uçmag - Turk & Altaic. To get there, you must first learn how to fly.

Hanan pacha - Incan. Come and hang out with the Sun and Moon.

The Good Kingdom (Svarga) - Hindu. Best waiting room in all the multiverses. Five stars!

The House of God (Ardyenne) -  Dogon. It's like your house, but better.

Asgard - Norse. Entry limited to designated areas.

The Land of the Dead - Australian Aboriginal. Entry requirements vary. Be prepared.

Topan (Thirteen Heavens) - Aztec. Entry is determined by cause of death.

Orún - Yoruba.  Return to the source.

Vyraj - Slavic.  Located past the Milky-way.

Takamagahara - Japanese.  Birthplace of the Gods.

House of Song - Zoroastrian. An absolute must for music lovers!

Sir Joseph Noel Paton, The Reconciliation of Oberon and Titania. (1847)

In-between Realms

These are worlds that share our plane of existence.  Entry requirements are often non-existent. Perfect for those who fancy a little adventure but don't want to travel too far.

The Otherworld - Celtic. Parallel world. Free Entry. Beware of time differences and regional conflicts.

Dreamtime - Australian Aboriginal. Incredible experience! Highly recommended.

Kingdom of Opona - Slavic. A peasant's paradise. A Utopia where the ruling class leaves everyone alone. Located at the edge of the world.

Barzakh - Muslim. The veil between worlds.

Bardo - Buddhist. The gap between lives.

Tiracchāna (Realm of Animals) - Buddhist. Love animals? Why not be one?

Aaru - Egyptian. A paradise located where the sun rises.

Limbo/ Purgatory - Christian. For those denied entry to Heaven over minor correctable issues and hoping to reapply.

Chinvat Bridge - Zoroastrian. Appears different to each person.

Tokoyo no Kuni (Land of the Eternal) - Japan. Beyond the sea is a land of everlasting life.

Psyche is on Charon the Ferryman's boat heading to the underworld.
Eugène Ernest Hillemacher, Psyche in Hell, 1865

Lower Realms

The Netherworlds offer the greatest range of experiences and destinations. Entry requirements vary. Consider booking a guide so you don't get lost!

Ukhu pacha - Incan. Ruled by a king and a queen. Keep an eye out for devils.

Kur - Mesopotamian. Not many amenities. Bring what you'll need. Especially food and water!

Dis - Roman. There's plenty to do and see but most take the time to rest and relax.

Hades - Greek. Be sure to tip your ferryman, and be careful which river you drink from.

Diyo - Chinese. Reminisce over your bad behaviour in the ten courts of torture, each with their own unique theme.  A must for escape room lovers.

Duat - Egyptian. The route to judgement. A once in a lifetime journey. Bring a map!

Patala - Hindu. More Beautiful than the heavens. Jewel of the underworlds.

Xibalba - Mayan. The Place of Frights. Perfect for those who love a good scare. Not for the faint of heart.

Nawia - Slavic. Home of the World tree. Why not make the trip in the form of a bird? It's an option.

House of Lies (Duzakh) - Zoroastrian. Weather warnings are in effect in all areas. Visitors often complain about insects and the smell. Please pack accordingly.

Yomi (World of Darkness) - Japanese.  Gloomy.

Nirai Kanai - Ryukyuan. Interested in becoming a guardian spirit for your descendents? This is the place for you.

Yima's Realm (kingdom of the dead) - Persian. While it can be difficult to settle in, and support from the living is recommended, many find this destination to be quite rewarding.

Mictlan - Aztec. A nine level adventure course, each level with it's own challenge. A guide will be provided so you don't get lost.

Hell - Christian.  Come for the company, stay for the eternal torture. To get here look for the road paved in good intentions. (Avoid the highway, there's traffic.)

Tamag - Tengri. Reformed by Fire.  Award winning prisoner-release program.

Helheim - Norse. Life as usual, but colder and with more fog.

Sheol - Jewish. If you can't decide, you could always stay in the grave until summoned.

* The ability to try again is dependent on the departing location. Some realms do not allow their residents to leave after arrival. Keep this in mind when choosing your destination.